venerdì 19 febbraio 2010

Paul has been very fast, as promised. Here are the photos of the standard bearer.

sabato 13 febbraio 2010

I have registered a domain,, which is almost a bluff, since I am Italian. The reason for this choice is that the ".com" and the ".net" were already busy. Somebody would probably - and rightly - think that I had better register the domain before opening this blog. This gives you an idea of my business sense, which is quite poor, to say the least ;-). I will decide whether to use it or not. In any case, I will let you know.

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

Paul has sent me the final photos of four of the five new cavalrymen and of the three horses. Paul must attach the arquebus to the first mounted arquebusier and there is some additional work to do even on the second one. I will upload the photos of the latter as soon as Paul completes it.
Here they are.

Horse n. 1. Paul glued the tail after taking the photo!

Horse n. 2.

Horse n. 3.

Heavy cavalryman n. 1.

Heavy cavalryman n. 2.

The Spanish captain.

Mounted arquebusier n. 1.

Paul is sculpting a standard bearer for the command group. With Tom we have decided to put the Maltese standard in the hands of a figure that was born as a sergeant. In truth, regimental standards in the XVI century had a very short polearm and were carried on shoulders. See the picture below, gently sent by Eduardo De Mesa, who gave me some precious advices. For this reason, I have considered necessary to produce a figure with the correct anatomy.

sabato 6 febbraio 2010

As I have written, Paul is now working on cavalry. Here are some of the photos that he has sent me. They show two heavy cavalrymen and a Spanish Captain.

The Spanish Captain.

The first heavy cavalryman.

The second heavy cavalryman.

I hope that you like them, as I do.
Here I am at last! It took me several months to reach this point. I have designed the figures, Paul Hicks has sculpted them, Stewart Griffin of Griffin Moulds has casted them and Tom Weiss has painted them. I admit that I am very pleased with the result. Tom has painted them as the defenders of Malta during the great siege of 1565.
The first three codes of the range are ready. I will start to sell them in the near future.

RC1. Command figures.

RC2. Pikemen.

RC3. Arquebusiers.

Paul is now working on cavalry.
My friend Ioannis Mavromichalis has asked me some photos of the unpainted miniatures. I will shoot some. I know I must do that. As usual, the only problem is time!